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The Michigan Council of Square and Round Dance Clubs will help clubs in the Michigan Council advertise for new square dance people in newspapers, with Rack Flyers, Business Cards, Book marks, Condo newspapers, etc.  If your club belongs to the Michigan Council, you are entitled to this help.
The Council will advertise the Square Dancing and/or Round Dancing activity, but not the club nor any callers/cuers. New square dance people need to know location, time, and cost.  Callers, clubs, cuers are not important to them. 

Advertising is intended to reach new folks, but it is the clubs that need to step up and make the new folks  feel welcome. 
Our advertising chair, Jerry & Pat Bebernick, may not be familiar with your club and your region of the state, so please let them know where and how you would like to advertise.  They can answer your questions with a phone call and/or an e-mail. or (586) 939-7657