Convention 2014

52nd Michigan Square and Round Dance Convention
August 15 & 16, 2014
Crowne Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, MI

Registered dancers = 435

As always, the weekend began with the Trail-End Dance on Thursday evening. At least 11 squares were observed dancing.

Friday and Saturday mornings began at 10:00 with Hex by Wayne Pelmear. Modern Western Squares, Rounds, Traditional Squares and Lines followed all afternoon and evening.

On Saturday afternoon, the Fashion Show presented a different dress for each month of the year. June featured three variations of the outfit chosen by the 65th National Square Dance Convention in Des Moines, Iowa and one from the 66th National in Cincinnati, Ohio. Some of the models added fun to the Show by adding unexpected touches.

“Make the Most of your Mistakes” was the title of the Sew & Save presentation. Suellen told her audience about some of the errors she’s made over the years and how some worked to her advantage. Several of those who came to watch offered ideas of things to do with old metal zippers and other things we might otherwise throw away.
Two 50/50 drawings were held ... one on Friday and one on Saturday. 

There were 19 Baskets to choose from in the Basket Raffle. Some followed the seasonal theme. The proceeds from the sale of raffle tickets was earmarked to pay for laying the plastic tile floors. This was greatly appreciated by those who have volunteered to do that in the past.

Evening Ceremonies included Swing dancers that amazed us with their performance. 

Instead of a torch or a gavel, the General Chair passed a notebook to their Assistants, the General Chair for the 2015 Convention. Although the notebook was empty, it will contain the Job Descriptions that were gathered last fall and any other materials that will help with future conventions. It is hoped that this notebook will continue with each new General Chair and not be lost like the last one.

The much appreciated ice cream sundaes were available at Bagger Dave’s. Through a misunderstanding, some people had free ones on Friday evening.

Jack & Pam Revette,
Aug 12, 2014, 5:11 AM