Michigan Council of Square and Round Dance Clubs   

Are you NOT currently a square dancer but are interested in finding out if this might be a good activity for you? Click here to learn more.


The Michigan Council of Square and Round Dance Clubs is an organization exempt under IRS 501(c)(3) and classified as a public charity. We promote square dancing and round dancing in Michigan by:

Featured websites - check them out!

Where's the Dance? - Find dances near and far.  Make sure your club is listed!

You2CanDance - Great site to show would be dancers what our dance activity is about. Again make sure your club is listed!

North Shore Squares in Evanston, IL has a great website with a great story to tell about square dancing.

We encourage all clubs to list your events at WheresTheDance.com to receive a wider exposure.

This calendar aggregates calendars supported by your local association or volunteer folks in your area. If you or your association are willing to maintain a calendar and would like it included, please contact the webmaster. Calendar entries should include either directly or through weblinks contact information so that dancers can confirm the details of any given dance.  Click here for Calendar FAQs.