Square Dance Links

SEMA - SE Michigan Square Dancing

70th National Square Dance Convention, Jackson, MS June 23-26, 2021

71st National Square Dance Convention, Evansville, IN June 22-25, 2022

72nd National Square Dance Convention, Mobile, AL June 21-24, 2023

National Squares Magazine

National Executive Committee

Canadian National Square Dance Convention 2022 (Fredericton, New Brunswick)

Florida Federation of Square Dancers

Indiana Square & Round Dance Convention

Indiana Dance Leaders Association

lllinois Square & Round Dance Convention

Iowa State Federation of Square and Round Dance Clubs

Minnesota Square Dance Federation

Ohio Square and Round Dance Convention

South Carolina Square & Round Dance Federation

Tennessee State Assn. of Square and Round Dance Clubs

Wisconsin Square & Round Dance Convention

South Western Ontario Square & Round Dance Association

Ontario Square & Round Dance Federation

Columbus Ohio Square Dance Center (photos of MI state convention and other events)

Grand Canyon Square Dance Association - Arizona

Toledo Area Western Dance Leaders Association


United Square Dancers of America

The Toronto and District Square and Round Dance Association

American Callers Association


Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square-Dance

Live Lively, Square Dance


Western Square Dancing - DOSADO.COM

You 2 Can Dance

Where's the Dance?

Mixed-Up Squares and Rounds

Square Dance History Project

Taminations - Great site with animated square dance calls

Vic Ceder Square Dance Resource Net

Timberline Toppers - success story in recruiting new dancers

List of US State Dances

Wikipedia - What is Square Dance?

Fall Into Heartland - A2, C1, C2, C3A, C3B weekend

Classic Round Dance

Square Dance Radio Network