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Re-Imaging Square Dance

The ARTS-Dance organization has sponsored a project to re-image square dancing. On Jan 16, 2015, ARTS released the new "SLOGO" (slogan, logo). Click here for more information. The square dance community is encouraged to use the slogan Live Lively - Square Dance and logos in publications, ads and flyers. (right click on a logo to save it to your computer). You can get the font here.

From Jim & Judy Taylor, Re-Imaging Committee:

... But are you aware that we have a web site: www.LiveLivelySquareDance.com? You can comment on the blog on the web site.

We are making 1-2000 pins with the slogo to give away at CALLERLAB and at the 64th NSDC in Springfield.

We have made some magnetic bumper stickers that look like the attached, except the web site address above will be used. If we see enough interest, we will have some for 5-$6.00 in Springfield.

If each of you would click on http://tinyurl.com/LiveLivelyClubs, you should be able to enter your club information. If it is not too much trouble, maybe you could enter the clubs in your area. As you know, we are trying to capture this information for all the clubs. The objective is to be able to communicate new marketing information with the clubs and help them do a better job of marketing for their classes. Those of you who are already entering club info, pleas continue and try to have a significant number of clubs entered by 3/20/15…and thank you!

Here are alternate renderings.